burn cash & enjoy Dubai

5 sure-fire ways to burn cash & enjoy Dubai at its best


It’s multicultural, materialistic and rising with the lightning speed unlike any other city, Dubai proudly stand tall being a futuristic and skyscraper centre. The shift from sluggish trading port invited locals and foreigners to invest in the infrastructure, carving unbelievingly amazing constructs right out of desert and water.

While one may find lucrative offers in Dubai be it shopping, hotel booking or even with property rental and purchase, some of the best things ask significant spending. So for once, burn some dough and experience Dubai unlike anything!

  1. Get indulged in seven-star services at Burj Al-Arab

Burj Al-Arab has all it takes to inspire with its sleek interior, burning in extravagance and the golden colour is indeed gold. Burj Al-Arab was promoted as world’s only seven-star hotel but downgraded to five-star following the luxury however; efficiency, courteousness and guest service of the staff truly deserves a much better standard. Even if someone’s unwilling to stay for a night, they can delight the taste buds at indoor restaurants.

  1. The Gold Souk bargain

The Gold Souk at Deira is worth a visit for all those who wish buying some serious jewellery at the best price. Spend an evening here and you’ll get the true feel of dazzling gems, the shiny ornaments and shoppers engaged in bargaining to get the best deal.

Deira’s Gold Souk is the largest in all Arabian Peninsula to draw serious buyers from across the globe whereas the sheer scale is nothing less than marvellous. From traditional to modern, conservative to cutting-edge, every kind of gold jewellery is available here.

  1. Shopping malls; a cool, shady & adventurous haven

Perhaps the winning aspect of Dubai is its shopping malls and even with more than a dozen, each offers unique and distinct experience. Step in any one and you’ll get the feel of being in a town square complete with indoor theme parks, fountains, entertainment galleries and even ice-skating! Dubai Mall is the biggest for an unforgettable shopping experience alongside complete fun and entertainment features. Next is Ibn Battuta Mall that takes the concept to the extreme with specialised walkways resembling the 14th century marketplaces from many different countries.

  1. The Bur Dubai souk buzz

The mix of colours and cacophony is all too appealing in contrast to the shopping mall binge. The Bur Dubai Souks are charming and have the status of being the best in Arab world. Stepping here is an experience of its own unlike the rickety Deira shops or palm-leaf-roofed markets established way back in the 1830s on the bank of Dubai Creek.

  1. The amazing labyrinths of Al Fahidi Historic District

Experience the hedonistic nature of Dubai at the Al Fahidi Historic District; a small and populated neighbourhood amidst the tranquil, wind-towered residential lane. Once a home to well-off Persian traders arriving from Bastak in Southern Iran gave the place its name, Al Fahidi Historic District is lined with tempting museums, souvenir shops and art galleries that are conveniently accessible.


Get the best offers in Dubai by exploring the places listed above for an unforgettable adventure.

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