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Advantages of welcoming technological advancements in the classroom for better growth


In late 90’s and early 20th century, we saw a rapid boom of technological advancements across all sectors of daily life needs. Research and development did not stop just fulfilling human needs, but it explored long-lasting questions of our celestial existence also. Technology has helped us reach the Moon, the Mars and will help us to reach even beyond our solar system in coming years. The Internet is arguably one of the best technologies that human developed. Advancements in optical fibre and could-based servers made internet cheaper and accessible to everyone.

The transition of time with better technology also helped to transform the education system. Besides textbooks, our education system is now flooded with information from the internet. Though there are useful information as well as less-trustworthy, a good teacher should able to recognize a trustable source for information to pass on to students. Technology made the task easier for teachers and schools in many different ways, and we will be summarizing some of the essential points here today.

  • Opportunities for online learning:

Technology lifted the classical boundary of a classroom. Unlike stringent conditions of a physical lecture, online or e-learning offers greater flexibility and access to all persons from the different geographical location. Students can choose their preferred time, sit at home and complete a course with ease. By working together with virtual technology, e-learning has gone to a whole different level. Seating personally is not needed anymore as student and teacher meet face-to-face over the virtual world or in video calls in software like Skype or Google Hangout etc. These are efficient and offers an almost similar experience like a physical class.

  • Availability of resources:

Technology brought the educational resources closer to everyone. Nowadays, a student can quickly take help of internet to understand a chapter or a part of a subject, thanks to online platforms like Wikipedia or YouTube etc. Teachers or experts in a field are uploading new data or newest understanding of a matter to the internet on a daily basis for seekers. All these resources are stored under public domains so that it can be accessible to everyone. Resources like podcasts, online books, PowerPoint presentations, digital libraries, tutorial, educational games etc. are slowly reducing the need for classical textbooks.

  • Smart classrooms:

The primary goal of a good teacher is to attract the attention of students in the class so that all of them gets the understanding of the matter of discussion. Smart classroom or e-classrooms is one of the new-age technological advancements. The walls of an e-classroom are built with advanced screens, where a video lecture can be shown, or a class note can be stored and viewed after many days if needed. To break their daily routine, teachers can now arrange various fun activities with the help of an e-classroom.

  • Blog culture:

Research and development of newer technologies always motivates and excites students. A lot of students are nowadays engaged in expressing their thoughts on a matter through blogs. On the one hand, it helps them to improve their writing skill while presenting their mind in front of the audience and on the other, blogs allow students to open up their mind, to be imaginary and to express whatever they feel. Blog culture can be introduced in classrooms also, where students can write down their understanding of a subject, and it will effectively help everyone to grasp by participating.

  • Maintaining class activity online:

Use of technology in the classroom can be done by creating a website of a class. Usage of the webpage to store class lectures for the one who missed, discussion portals on a subject or even maintaining grading systems on the webpage lessens the hassle of physical paper works. Websites are easily accessible at anytime from anywhere.

  • Use of gadgets in the classroom:

A lot of useful devices are taking place within classes nowadays, which motivates students and helping them to track their efforts. Technologies like wearable bands which can monitor the heart rate or the amount of exercise done and computer notebooks, tablet PCs are helping students to ease the process of education. To our knowledge, DealVoucherz is an incredibly useful online platform, which offers cheap and effective gadgets at discounted rates. Promotion of some of the coolest gadgets for students sees lower price allowing them to save pocket money.

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