Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing: Know top 8 benefits


Nowadays, small, medium and big entrepreneurs belonging to all domains have started to use the sms to promote their brand of business and let know their targeted audience about their presence in the market. Majority of the advertising campaigns conducted globally do incorporate bulk sms options in it.

Why add bulk sms into the advertising campaign?

There are several reasons cited for choosing bulk sms services for the business advertisement campaign. Several reasons are cited for entrepreneurs to prefer this marketing mode. Choosing the best promotional sms service provider is sure to help make the right choice. Some of the benefits are given as below:

  • Affordable: It is without doubt that this form of advertising campaign is very much affordable on the pocket as it requires very less budget. Hence, even small and medium entrepreneurs can avail it without any worry.
  • Deliverability factor: The SMS is likely to reach the target audience’s phone within a matter of few seconds. Hence, there can be noticed fast sms delivery, which means quicker reading of the message and fast response rate.
  • Flexibility: This marketing campaign can be easily made part of different types of promotion or advertising campaign. It also depends upon the entrepreneur if he is interested to send across sms messages in large numbers to the complete list of numbers or just to the few selected people in the list. This way, the sms campaign does offer greater flexibility, something not possible with other campaigns.
  • More chances of the sms being read: It is a common trait for people to pick up their phone, the very minute a message lands in their inbox. They are more curious to know what is in the message for them. This prompts them to go through the message and thus, increases the response rate. This campaign is much better than that of the email which is often not read and directed to the spam box by majority of the email recipients.
  • Higher conversion rates: Since sms messages are read, irrespective of where it comes from, conversion rates also get higher with each message.
  • Environment friendly: The reality is sms messages are sent from the server to the mobile phones and computers and there is no involvement of paper here. Since there is no wastage or pollution, it is completely safe for the environment and for people’s health. It is for this reason, the sms campaign is often the most appreciated form of promotional tool and mostly welcomed by people interested in products or companies.
  • Sweet and short: The number of characters to enter into the message is limited and hence, it needs to be short, crisp and to the point as well as eye catchy.
  • Huge market potential: According to the industry experts, bulk sms marketing campaigns does generate huge market within a very short span of time. Once the message hits the inbox and is read by the targeted audience, he/she might be interested in the offer/deal and have it forwarded to known people in huge numbers.

There are providers who do offer legally abiding promotional sms to dnd numbers that are safe and will get good response from the recipients.

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