renting an apartment

All you should know about renting an apartment being 17-years old!

As a landlord, you must’ve realised that calibre and temperament of occupant is important as rent itself. Finding good tenants isn’t difficult but who knows they’ll reveal their dark side later such as pestering neighbours, damaging home interior, untimely payment, crooked behaviour so on! Evicting such types is also difficult as they might use powerful […]

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business continuity

What are the best practices of business continuity & disaster recovery?

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst & anticipate being surprised” And though we’re quite familiar with the wise quote, it isn’t something new and seems to fit perfectly when dealing with disaster recovery and business continuity services in the modern world of corporate IT. To ensure business continuity during man-made and natural disaster […]

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burn cash & enjoy Dubai

5 sure-fire ways to burn cash & enjoy Dubai at its best

It’s multicultural, materialistic and rising with the lightning speed unlike any other city, Dubai proudly stand tall being a futuristic and skyscraper centre. The shift from sluggish trading port invited locals and foreigners to invest in the infrastructure, carving unbelievingly amazing constructs right out of desert and water. While one may find lucrative offers in […]

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