Choosing Domain Name

How to Be Creative When Choosing Domain Name


When choosing a name for your blog, be creative and try to avoid obvious choices. Sometimes a different name simply “sticks” and can help increase the popularity of your blog. It’s the same thing that happens with the name of brands and products.

Look for domain name suggestions that are so good (either by careful choice or just by luck) that never leave our heads. If you can create a name like this, congratulations!

A practical example is Google, which has became a verb. Now instead of using the phrase “search the internet” people started using “Google it” and both refer to the action of making an internet query.

Obviously Google invested millions in branding, but with a little creativity and luck you will achieve a nice result, at least for your audience, which is what matters.

Avoid giving your personal blog name – unless you are famous or want to become

Putting your first name on your blog is usually not a good idea. Imagine that I renamed the Managing Blog “Erik Blog”. With a name like that, people rarely associate it with tips for bloggers. This is just a real example that serves to illustrate that it is possible to associate branding with keywords and this has a great benefit on both sides.

It is only a good idea to name a blog with your own name in the cases of personal blogs, where usually the author is already famous or has plans to be! For example, you have a blog of marketing consultant and aims to disseminate rich marketing knowledge in order to bring interested audiences to his consulting.

In general, it is better that the blog has a name that defines what it is rather than associating it with the author, especially if it is a business blog. By adopting the right tactics you can ensure the access and visibility of your site by the audience. And, throughout this post, you’ll notice that the choice of name is tied to some important aspects of digital marketing. Check out:

If you have other tips to make it easier to choose a good Domain name, share them by leaving a comment!

In summary: how to create an unforgettable blog name?

Choosing a good name for your blog is not a simple task and needs great care. The decision will impact the entire life of your blog as well as being an important (perhaps even determining) factor of success of it. View website of domain suggestion and find your luck.

This is the first step, and then you should worry about which blog template to choose, the best online site to build your blog, and how to start promoting your content!

I hope the tips listed here will help you in this difficult task, as our focus has been to alert you to some of the issues involved in creating a name. Do not buy a “.com” domain if the services offered on your site serve only local people. Incidentally, if your company operates only in a specific region, do not hesitate to enter related abbreviations such next to the main name. Try this one domain name tool to find your favorite domain.

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