Trading facilities and Zero Fees

Improved Trading facilities and Zero Fees from Top Indian Brokers


Market trading is an easy way to invest and grow your money.  But, the trader does not have direct access to the market. He must go through the government approved bodies for making the trade. This is the broker. He provides the platform for the trading activity. They also provide a trading account linked to the bank account to help the trader make his trade.

See and compare options

You have many considerations when you come to choose the broking house. Most of them charge a brokerage and account opening fee. So, you must compare the brokerage and then select the broker. Pick the trading house that allows the most support for trading. This will include low brokerage fees, good responsive trading platform, good research material, and so on. You can pick the broker that offers the lowest brokerage charges in India. Wisdom Capital offers zero account opening fees and so many of the traders opt for this.

That said, one must study the market and find out which are the factors that determine the market movement. The market is a huge financial system with a daily turnover of $5 trillion. Governments, financial institutions, broking houses, private investors, and individual traders take part in this transaction. They deal with millions of dollars in trade with the idea of making a profit.

Factors affecting movement on the market

The government will often pass a decision to help it make a profitable transaction. Or, there may be a merger among the companies that help them to make more profit. The astute trader has to keep an eye on the government decision and company mergers. Other factors include seasonal influence and formation of new companies.

A few of the brokerage firms allow free trades. But, this will remain restricted to two or five trades in a month. You have to pay for the rest of the trades. So, if you make many trades in a day, you end up paying more for the trades. You can choose the broker with the lowest brokerage charges in India by comparing all the broking houses online. The side-by-side comparison will show you which one is most suited for your purpose. Wisdom Capital is offering zero brokerage.

Check the customer reviews

One easy way to pick the best broking house is to study the customer reviews. This tells you how easy or hard it is to use the trading platform and what the advantages are. You also come to know if there are any defects in the platform.  You should also check the number of items they cover. If they do not cover all the market segments such as NSE, BSE, FNO, and so on, then you will remain restricted to those channels alone that they offer.

The main thing the trader must see when choosing the broker is the number of trades he will do in the day. This character is important as this helps him decide which broker is the most suitable for him. If the person does only one trade but waits for the returns for several days then he can choose a full service broker. But, if he wants to make several trades in the day, he must choose the discount broker since he will cost lesser.

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