Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Influencer Marketing on Instagram – How to Promote Your E-commerce Site?

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Say if you are checking your Instagram post about a particular product and then seeing more than 5000 likes with hundreds of comments on it. This probably confirms that you have sold a few hundreds of units of it just in a matter of a few hours.

Is it possible to achieve this goal through effective Instagram marketing? The answer is yes. If you have a quality product to sell, we can see here how to tap into the influencers by using a creative step-by-step process as below.

Step #1- Search for pages matching to your niche field

This is the primary approach to become successful with Influencers as by knowing who are your ideal customers and whom they like to follow. It can be a person, a consultant, a brand, or a magazine, etc. Once you identify who it is or a few who are influencers, it becomes easier to explore the options and targets.

Step #2: Finding a target page and contact

Once you find the influencer page, look at the description to spot the contact me or similar tag to get the contact details. Next, you can try to contact them through:

  • Send an email asking what their rates or other possibilities to have a mutually beneficial influencer association with them.
  • Using KIK – This app can be installed on Android or iPhone devices, which helps to reach influencers much easier and faster.
  • Message directly on Instagram.

Step #3: Cutting a deal

Once if you find comfortable with their demand, you can move ahead and brokers a beneficial deal to get more followers for Instagram. Have a clear understanding of the expectations you can make on ROI. 

Once you reach up to this level, next, you need to plan for the ad campaigns to be promoted with the help of influencer. Some essential aspects to consider at this point are as below.

  • Proper targeting: There are perfect targets which you should need to focus while planning Instagram influencer campaigns. Improper targeting strategies will not give you any leverage even on trying out with the influencer impact.
  • Broad targeting – There are very specific strategies to set if you have a generic store than trying to sell a particular product.

Measure the results

Any marketing campaigns run well overtime only if you keep a close watch on its performance and measure its effectiveness in light of the results. When it comes to influencer marketing on Instagram, you may want to create some track-able links for the influencers. There are many tools like Bitly which can help you create traceable links for each the influencer you are working with. You can simply make the influencers paste the link at their bio and image captions to keep track of the volume of traffic they generate.


There is no doubt that Instagram marketing has some proven benefits for e-commerce entrepreneurs. If your product has the customer appeal, then you may be able to win thousands of followers and buyers through Instagram potentially.

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