Virtual Phone System

Managing Businesses with Virtual Phone System


Technology has made the businesses to grow faster in the current competitive world be it growing your business reach or increasing your customer base as both requires modern technology to compete. And to compete, businesses are coming up with new communication tools like Virtual phone system to communicate faster and smoother with their customers and clients. The traditional phone systems cannot be used in the current competitive world because they are not capable of handling such large number of calls and even if they try to handle or manage, it costs a lot to them. So, not a single business would like to go with the traditional way of communication which is costly, heavy, and difficult to operate and requires more manpower. So, it is not practical for the small businesses which are currently in its initial stages and which require investments or are running out of investments to exists and the primary purpose of any business is to reduce its logistics cost and maximize its profit.

The virtual phone system is basically made for businesses to manage their customer calls, feedbacks, queries etc. all at one place. When you sign in you get a phone number it may be local or national depending on your requirement, if your business is small obviously you first want to advertise it in the local area to accelerate your business and when your business grows up you can opt for a toll free number.

When a customer calls on that number, it is directed to a system and that system notifies you about that call, now it’s up to you whether you want to answer that call or forward that call to someone else from your team, for calls to transfer you first need to feed the contact details of your employee to whom you want to forward that call, now that call will be transferred to the person you assign. If that person is busy in some work he can forward that call to someone else depending on contact details you have already fed in the system and based on that the call will be transferred and attended by someone.

But, if somebody calls in the rush hour when all the call receivers are busy the system will detect and ask the caller to hold and meanwhile system will ask the caller if they want to contact the manager or have any query about the business depending on the caller and if manager is busy the system let the caller listen the new plans of the business like press 1 for new schemes etc. and now if the manager is free he can attend the call. And even if he would not be free the system will ask to leave a voicemail or text so that someone will review that message later and responds to them.

It has many other advantages too like you can keep a check on all the calls, emails, messages at one place even if you are in another part of the world by just having an internet connection. It is robust to use and as it is software based it doesn’t require to change hardware just need software updates which can be done easily. Based on your requirements, you can compare various providers including Mightycall and Onebox. It will give you insights about which one suits your business in the best possible manner.

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