Photography in Digital Marketing

Photography in Digital Marketing: An element to engage & inspire industries

Digital Marketing

Photography and advertising have a long association. In fact, it has been almost a century since interactive photography was first used in the advertising landscape to connect with audience and establish an emotional bond.

Marketing is all about communicating and delivering your value to the customers. It’s most unfortunate that many industrial businesses, even today fail realising the significance of sharp and good photos.

The world today is a visual culture where images sparks imagination and helps to understand context without the need of fine print.

With the boom of mobile devices and engagement, good marketing photos are more important than ever. Have a look at the statistics collected against imagery and audience engagement;

  • Articles and blog posts with relevant images receive approximately 94-percent more views
  • Online press releases with sharp digital imagery gets 15-percent more views
  • Above 60-percent consumers using internet prefer businesses with relevant image and increase conversion
  • About 70-percent ecommerce consumers trust products with their respective images

Grabbing customer’s attention & retain it

Apart from text-only content, crisp and good marketing photos are likely to engage audience twice as much especially if the art targets a specific demographic. As companies and brand compete to their utmost, you only get one chance to engage viewers so make sure all the marketing material is perfectly aligned and clearly delivers the message.

Establish a brand identity

Photography is important to communicate your brand message. Having a creative director or professional photographer would help a company to establish its footprint in the highly competitive digital world. If industrialists don’t allocate budget for photography in the marketing strategy, overall brand equity could diminish.

Dare to be bold

Industrialists often neglect the element of industrial photography that takes into consideration company’s products, infrastructure, facilities, overall ambiance and its employees. Since most of the work is performed on the floor and between heavy machinery, it makes some of the most engaging and incredible photos for marketing purpose.

For a layperson, photographing an industrial facility is like walking into a surreal world, full of machinery, tools and intensity. But, with the right lighting, contrast, composition and of course, the magic of powerful camera lens, it results in some of the most amazing photography unlike anything that can be compared to sports shots in terms of narration and harmony.

Key takeaways for incredible industrial imagery

  • Build a stimulating portfolio

Ponder into different types of marketing photos and understand what’s more appealing to you. Take cues from everything like magazines, lifestyle brands and everything else rather than restricting yourself just to competitors.

  • Go for a style guide

A style guide sparks creativity, helping you and your team to stay focused and consistent by defining parameters of digital photography and its use in industries.


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