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Digital Marketing

Blogging is becoming trend right now, it is one of the best method to earn a lot and can show the writing skills to the world. But the main problem from which every blogger has to deal with. The problem is to rank the website and increase the number of traffic. If the writing skills are superb and visibility is high on the search engine result page then earning fame and money is not the difficult thing.

SEO is the process through which a website can rank organically. For the blogging websites, it is recommended to use SEO to enhance the visibility. But the SEO is not the magic which can show its tremendous results in few weeks. It is the continuous process which requires the time and efforts. But can achieve your target to increase the traffic on the website. Some points are mentioned below which will give the clear perspective about which technique would be beneficial to enhance the traffic and creditability in the blogging field.

Create the content calendar

Content calendar is the predefined topics on which the content marketer has to work throughout the specified period. It is the set of the deadline under which the target of content writing is to be finished. The topics of the content is be created using the dates on which it is required to be completed. So that they can publish all the content. It helps the organisation to be on the top of the search engine and the work is done regular basis without any unnecessary interval.

Optimising the old content to regulate the website

You must have heard the quote i.e. Old is Gold. Its value will never be decreased even new version comes. Here, the old content which has created the buzz in that time and your website is known form that content. Then, it is always advisable to recreate that content but without diminishing its soul. The result would be not be less than miracle. The huge traffic will come over your website, it is the best way to come again in the old form.

Identify the post which is one of the best at their time and have to potential to regenerate the traffic on the website. Add some modification but didn’t compromise its main features. After that publish the post with the same URL and promote the page as you do. But write some note which explains that is the reversion of the past post so that visitor would not treat as fool. Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi is providing the best knowledge about digital marketing

Effective and engaging content

It would be wrong to say that only SEO is responsible to increase the visibility of the website. Content plays the equal role in getting listing the website on the result page. Google always supports best quality and interesting content to show it first on the result page. You can even try this technique and the outcome will surprise you. Do the normal SEO like you do but put extra efforts on the content creation. You will see your website on the top of search engine query and enjoy the benefit of extraordinary growth in the traffic.

Optimising keywords

Without the addition of long tail keyword, the content would be incomplete. Keywords are very important and its presence in the content can lift the position of the website. So, use the best and most searched keyword into the content.

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