Recovery of Raw File System

Recovery of Raw File System – Easy to Do in Steps


There is a issue with the RAW file system and the problem takes place when the file system like information is absent. It can also be not consistent between various system tables.

Problem like RAW file is linked with the external drives that are unplugged without first removing them safely. There is damage to the tables during the process of unsafe removal. One can remove the data from the device with the help of RAW file system and after that, there is need of formatting of the device and copying of the traced data back to the device.

By the Use of ReclaiMe File System

  • For the RAW file system recovery, you have to be sure about the free space on a good drive that is known or on network for holding all the data that is recovered.
  • After downloading and installing, you can run this particular software for the file recovery.
  • You need identification of drive with RAW file system in the list of devices. There is listing of RAW on the type of file system.
  • For the recovery, double click the drive.
  • After the discovery of files, they are displayed.
  • Choose the file and folder you want to trace. After that, you can tap on the save button located on the tool bar. After that, you can select save and then choose save all that from the menu.
  • Once the data is copied, you need to verify that the files are traced by the actual opening and review
  • After the confirmation of successful recovery, there has to be reformatting of the drive and then put it further for the use

Further Information

Windows did not recognise the RAW file system. This means all the file system drivers rejected mounting the file system. This happens generally when the records that determine the file system is distorted especially the boot sector or the partition table.  The volume that was made by the use of disk management but not formatted yet will also be shown by the RAW file system.

  • Disk management gives the gives indication of the drive file system is RAW
  • Sometimes if you access data on drive

Raw Drive or Raw File System – What Is It?

Note this is not the file system that is common or made by other OS. It is actually an error in the system that has struck your computer. You can find many similar problems in the list that are linked to the RAW issue.

  • Conversion is not available in case of RAW drives
  • There is no availability for cskdsk for RAW drives
  • No format of the disk and do you want to format it now?

With the help of data recovery software, you will recover the files from a raw disk that cannot be approached. The disk report is not formatted and has to get it done.

Possible Error Messages

It is important to know first that the memory card or hard drive having the crucial files has the issues for the RAW file system or not. You have to look at the symptoms and error messages that can be useful.

RAW File System Drive

This is merely a storage device that has RAW file system problems. As per the RAW format image, there is a cell phone picture or the digital camera and this is taken as RAW format and this is true state of photo. It cannot be read or edited in a direct manner by photos software that is common.

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