How to secure retail locations with CCTV


When it comes to running a retail store, there are various obstacles a store manager has to overcome. Out of the many things to look after security is paramount. Looking at how crime in the city is on the rise, security is something a store manager would have to pay a closer look at.

Thanks to technology, you no longer have to look out for a security guard for your store. You now have Closed Circuit Television cameras (CCTV cameras) which record all activity happening in and around your store. It is like fixing eyes in your store so that nothing misses your sight.

Benefits of a CCTV camera

The advantage that comes with CCTV cameras is that they come in various types like bullet CCTV camera, Dome CCTV camera, C-mount camera, Day/night CCTV camera, etc. There are wireless CCTV cameras also which can be attached in such a way that they remain hidden in plain sight. Those with notorious intentions would not have a clue of the fact that they are being watched, which works in our favour as getting them in the act helps during legal procedures as proof.

Theft can be caused by outsiders (burglars, thieves, etc.) or it could be an inside job, as someone from your own staff indulges in a theft. So, in order to avoid that from happening, CCTV camera installation comes in handy. Installing an adequate number of CCTV cameras ensures that there is no corner spared in your store where someone can escape your vigilant eye.

Some of the ideal places a CCTV camera could be installed are:

  1. Lifts:

If your store is located in a multi-storey commercial complex, then fitting a CCTV camera in the lift puts you ahead of the curve. You can take evasive measures against someone who is evidently a threat. They also help to keep a keen eye on all those who enter and leave the mall thus never missing out on anyone who came into the mall.

  1. Storage rooms:

Quite often it so happens that burglars aim to hit the jackpot – the storeroom. When it is the product that is more valuable than all the money in the cashbox is when storeroom is the obvious target. Securing it with dome CCTV cameras, renders you a 360° view.

  1. Parking lots:

A common hiding spot for thieves, the parking lot is quite the unsafe place. Owing to the fact that the parking lots are usually darker, it also is a very unsafe spot for women. Installing a number of day/night CCTV cameras would make it easier to maintain constant vigilance in shady spots like that of a Parking lot.

  1. Passage areas:

Being a spot that is very easily missed, passage areas are usually unguarded, and this is what potential thieves make use of. Securing passage areas with bullet cameras that go hidden in plain sight can help make passage areas safe.

  1. Entrances and exits:

Due to high activity around these areas, store managers often assume that this is where surveillance is not needed but actually these are areas they are needed the most. It helps to know who has entered and the mall and who has left it, when and how.

“The devil is in the details,” they say. And this is exactly what helps when you are trying to prove a theft in your store during a legal trial. Monitoring the slightest of suspicious activities can help you diffuse situations while they are diffusible. All you really need to do is look out for a good CCTV service provider, and your store would then be safe as a fort.

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