unlocking an iPhone 6

The Do’s and Don’ts of Unlocking the iPhone 6


Most of the iPhone users fiddle and experiment with their phones a lot. They look for attaining a full control over their gadgets by checking the best network operator for their phone or by dismantling its parts. But there are severe risks involved while trying to achieve control over the gadget. So, if you want to lock and unlock your phone repeatedly and discover its various features, you should understand the difference between jailbreaking and factory unlocking in the first place.

The Do’s and Don’ts you should remember while unlocking a phone are discussed below.

Do: Suppose, you are a user of iPhone 6 and you want to unlock it. You can officially unlock iPhone 6 at the factory level. In doing so, there will be no anomaly in the normal functioning of the phone. However, you won’t be attached to any specific service provider anymore. Your iPhone’s operating system will remain intact but you can remove the lock to your phone company.

Don’t: Do not mess with the Operating System of your phone. In that case, you jailbreak the system. You unknowingly agree to Apple’s licensing terms and agreements when you purchase a product. You may not know but it is clearly specified that if you mess with the operating system, Apple’s customer service is not liable to help you out. Therefore, if you are unskilled and not that experienced, it is better that you stay away from experimenting with the OS.

Do: Understand the necessity of the Customer Support. You can get your Apple iPhone 6  unlocked from any of the licensed service providers. That is because you own the phone and you have all the right to do anything with that without tampering any law.

Don’t: Do not mess with the software owned by Apple or use tricks of reverse engineering. In that case, you break the law. If you do so, neither your warranty services nor the customer support you can avail for. If you breach the law and try to unlock your phone on any other level except at the factory level, then you are terminated from the warranty services as well. In no circumstances, tampering with the iOS will be tolerated by Apple.

Do: Contact your network providers in case you get stuck while unlocking a phone. Some of the carriers will help you out easily while some may create an issue. Therefore, you need to communicate to your carrier first before contacting Apple as the company has got very little to do in this case.

Don’t: Do not use a company which can cheat or fraud you. Make sure you are dealing with a company or a person who is respectable and is providing a legitimate service.

Apple does not encourage its customers to unnecessarily experiment too much with the products, especially at the core level. While you experiment with your phones, you tend to break or damage some of its major parts. Now, if it is within the warranty period, then it is an unwanted stress on the Apple’s tech base because you are not paying anything extra for that damaged part. Yet, Apple iphone needs to bear your cost.

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