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Top UI Design Fundamentals Every Mobile App Developer Should Keep in Mind

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A cohesive, intuitive UI is crucial to the success of any application. Design goes beyond aesthetics- from the look and feel to the working itself. This is why user interface and user experience are always mentioned in the same breath. For your app to be successful, it must be beautiful inside-out. Here’s how you can ensure that.

A Great Icon

Your app should have a distinctive icon that anyone would be able to recognize from a mile away. Since the playing field is full of hundreds of apps, you should use a symbol or shape that is very recognizable. Avoiding long names is important because you only have so much space to work with, and readability is important. Go for initials or skip them altogether, keeping a minimal logo. Make a bunch of variations of the logo before submitting.

Designing UX

Interaction design is a big part of UX design. It has three major pillars that you must always keep in mind.

  • Goal-driven design requires you to customize the workflow of your app on the basis of the user’s needs.
  • Usability support ensures that your app is desirable, easy to use, and intuitive. Good communication and good technology will ensure the users can get what they want as easily as possible.
  • Feedback, the final pillar, is extremely important because it involves validation of user actions. Users should understand that the action has been completed, using sound, text, haptic feedback like vibration, and so on. Instant feedback is a must, or you will run the risk of the user thinking that the app is not working correctly.

Learn the Importance of Text

Text and design are heavily correlated. All the text content in the app has to be understandable, so you must keep your target audience in mind. Don’t use fancy phrases which people might have trouble understanding. Lengthy blocks of text are a big no-no as well. Keep the wording consistent across each screen.

Accessibility Must Be Your Focus

Your app must be finger-friendly. Fingers are thicker and less precise than mouse cursors, so you must give enough space for users to tap buttons or elements without overlapping with others, resulting in an incorrect selection. User interaction has to be factored in. You can also hire a topmobile app development Mumbaicompany to handle the execution for you.

Use Colors Wisely

Every well-designed mobile app tends to have a great color scheme. Colors have specific voices and messages, so you should pick a palette that reflects your brand philosophy. Use a single cohesive palette than splashing colors everywhere-it interferes with the UX.


Making a mobile app is pretty easy given how far technology has come. That said making a great app is considerably difficult. Instead of designing as per your preferences, try thinking about the users and the use-cases. Once you have that in mind, you will be able to design a perfect application for your target market.


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