Improve the Ranking Of Your Amazon Product

Ways To Improve the Ranking Of Your Amazon Product Page

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Amazon is a huge platform, not just for consumers, but for sellers or manufacturers as well. For just one, same product, there are thousands of sellers with different price ranges, reviews, stories, and other things. These other things attract the focus of the customers and if they are not in the right order, the seller may lose his chance persuading.

Today, we will focus on the major ways to improve the ranking of your Amazon product page.

Amazon Ranking Optimization With SEO

The professional SEO experts will provide the product listing which must contain the most searched keyword. SEO is one of the most crucial parts of Amazon product listing optimization which helps the product to list on top of the Amazon search result page.  

Add the keywords to your product by following these points:

  1. The top 5 searched keywords should be placed in the product title.
  2. Add other important keywords of up to 249 bytes in the “search terms”.
  3. Write SEO optimized bullet points and product description to be more informative and have clarity.
  4. Also, input other keyword types which Amazon shows in the search results.

Amazon Listing Content Optimization

An optimized content can boost the CTR or click through rate and CR or conversion rate on a search result and product pages respectively. These are responsible for bringing higher ranking and sales.

Major tips to craft effective product texts or content:

  •    Make sure to write all the necessary product information.
  •    Focus on the benefits or USPs of the product and how your product is solving their problem.
  •    The content should be in bullets and precise

Product Image Enhancement

Apart from bulk product upload services, product image enhancement is equally necessary. A high definition of the product image is responsible for the CTR and CR.

  •    The main image should have a white background.
  •    The product should be filling 85% of the image frame.
  •    The photo shoot of the product should be well lit and recognizable (as per Amazon image standards).
  •    The additional images are more for CR and can be uploaded with more design options. One can use them to highlight their ISPs or benefits.
  •    Don’t forget to show lifestyle images.
  •    Try to take pictures of the product from different angles which can showcase the distinguishing features and details of the product.

Customer Reviews

A correct Amazon product listing optimization also includes positive customer reviews and stars. It is critical to the CR and CTR of a product. Focus on mainly two sections:

  •    The amount of positive reviews
  •    Stars

The seller can also their number of reviews by following these simple ideas:

  •    Make your customer submit a review of your product and treat them with discounts or vouchers.
  •    The seller can also use parcel inserts, asking them to review and/or advertise their products.
  •    Always stay within the review guidelines of Amazon.

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