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What is affiliate link tracking?


First of all before starting, let me clear you what is affiliate tracking or affiliate link tracking, basically affiliate link tracking deals with the tracking management of affiliate, let us take an example, suppose you are running a multilevel private corporate and you want affiliate marketing of your products , it means you’ll be inviting affiliates to promote your product and services over the internet to their audience so that the audience will turn into a successful buyer of the particular product or service. Now what happen while running your affiliate program you are required to manage it too ,as affiliate marketing is extremely followed by people and merchants as well , because it proves to be the most profitable marketing strategy for both the affiliate and merchant too , as a merchant doesn’t have to invest much money on promoting and influencing peoples , you can just run an affiliate program and automatically the interested affiliates will get hook up with your merchandise and sooner they’ll start promoting your product and services until their efforts will change into sale, so here also the merchant won’t have to pay commission to his affiliate until a buyer comes to his store by following an affiliate’s link and successfully completes the required action or makes a sale.

In this condition a merchant requires to manage an affiliate link tracking program so that he can easily recognize every affiliate through its particular affiliate link and it will also help him to catch up by whose link a particular sale has been done, so that he can track the affiliate and transfer his requisite commission to his account, more over while managing affiliate link tracking program you’ll also get over with the ability to check out the affiliate activity.

Now, affiliate tracking is done in basically two ways, the first one is cookie tracking and callback URL tracking.

In Cookie tracking a unique affiliate id is included to the affiliate’s link ,so that if a visitor clicks on the promoting link or visit the promotional page and in case left without buying anything then the cookie will be stored on their browser for the next 30-60 days so that if the customer again visit the page and places any order or perform certain actions then also the commission will be transferred to the only affiliate via whose link the visitor first visited the page, but the glitch is the cookie is only saved to particular browser, that means if the customer again visit the page but with an another browser than the link can’t be tracked , so for this a small piece of code conversion pixel is kept on the merchant’s site, that loads when a customer complete certain action , it can any message like thanking note or visit again these pixels actually help the merchant and affiliates for further tracking and act as leads for them.

In Callback URL tracking the data is stored in sever and it doesn’t requires any code to be placed on the affiliate’s website moreover it works on tag and as an affiliate becomes successful in inviting a visitor to the main page of the website he’ll be granted with the specific tag and the tag will remain until certain action is not recorded from the customers end, and it also provides highly accurate results but the glitch is it’s quite complicated in use.

Now here am listing some of the best link tracking software, so that these can help you in future for further handling and managing your affiliate program.


LeadDyno is an old player in the industry, it provide easy and fast installation of its tracking software with free trial for first few days and not so costly monthly instalments , it grants free Google Adwords tracking and real time updates and analysis with built in link checker and is integrated with top most marketing platform, it supports MLM and also grants its affiliate pre product commission also endorse it’s every affiliate with a unique dashboard for management plus  grants multiple payment methods. It is fully customized and implement purchase tracking and e-mail tracking in its software.


Click bank is quite affordable affiliate tracking platform it includes extensive tools with a large array of in app tools for managing leads and promote automatic upsell offers and also plan content marketing, it is among the trusted platform for any type of small medium and large business includes a streamlined searching platform for finding affiliates and products as well.


With almost 13 years in the industry these software provides a fast and flexible tracking platform and connects partners with social platform with SEO contents plus has an inbuilt coupons management, fraud detection plus supports multiple languages and social sharing, provide multiple payment gateways.


With automatic boarding and tracking facility it is among the most advance software program for affiliate tracking and management. It includes FTP file uploading, calling functionality, includes promo codes and ad hosting with multiple integration and supportive CRM, it also provide real time analysis for checking the activities and growth of merchandise.

  1. CAKE

It is highly recommended, because of its reliable consistency, and flexible behaviour the standards features of its includes a prompt and two way API, help to detect fraud and easy management of affiliates, you can also use this software for ads and the most lovable part is its currency converter it means it will grant you any amount in any form, you can try the trail pack of it and further include it in your system with its paid program.

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